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Hilltop Meadow

Hilltop Meadow Campsite Details

Hilltop Meadow Campsites are 30 feet by 50 feet for $150. Each campsite allows for a) an RV or motorohome b) a camper and its tow  vehicle or c) tent and vehicle. Additional vehicle parking (besides the tow vehicle of the camper or first vehicle on a tent site) must be purchased. The cost for an additional vehicle is $20 per night. The purchase of an additional vehicle parking permit does not entitle the camper to additional space outside of the 30' X 50' site. If additional space is needed an additional campsite should be purchased.


Campsites with water and electric hookups are not available.


Vault toilets are available for use at Hilltop Meadow.

Regular shuttle from Hilltop Meadow to Crandon Inernational Raceway will be available .

If using navigation software, the address for Hilltop Meadow is 10254 Sipple Rd., Crandon, WI, 54520

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